Saturday, November 3, 2012

Black & Gold Luxe

While at High Point Market this October, I noticed one of the big design trends is a mix of black and gold. It feels very Art Deco, and I am IN LOVE. Looking forward to using some of these new pieces for clients so I can ogle over their pop of dimension from the metallics.


Photos courtesy of Global Views, Bungalow 5

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stylish Houses for Tiny People

The weekend prior to hurricane Sandy, I went to Washington DC with my family and toured around some of the Smithsonians. One of my favorites is the Museum of American History. Yes, I got to see the Harry Potter robe, and Julie Child's kitchen,

but one of my favorite displays was Faith Bradford's custom made doll house. Yes I said it, even at a few years shy away from 30, I'm still in love with doll houses.

I actually still have two, one is a replica of a Plantation home that's made out of cedar and includes "Gone With The Wind" style columns and  hard wood floors.
I'm sure I drove my mother crazy begging her for a barbie dream house made of plastic. But now that I'm older, needless to say, I'm still in love with them. I have dreams of bringing them up to New York where my future daughter can watch ME play house. Heck, it's one of those perks to having kids... like Halloween and taste inspecting "suspicious" candy.

In Faith's dollhouse, everything was set up as a fully staged home from the 1950's. I was mesmerized by all of the little details of each room. I thought I was creative by using nail glue to put wood shelves on the wall, but she blew my designs out of the water.

Just today, I received a link to a website selling modern doll houses including mid century modern furniture. I know what I'm putting on my list for Hanukkah Harry!

 Modern doll houses from Brinca dāda

Oh to be a kid again... but on the plus side, I'm over 18 and don't need an adult to order it for me, so judge away!

2 Year Hiatus!

I know it's been about 2 years since my last post, gulp, well, I'm back!! My company, EMC2 Interiors has flourished over the past two years, and blogging has unfortunately taken the back seat. Well, I've met a lot of amazing designers and toured numerous cities and design shows so I feel confident I have a lot of interesting new topics for all of you! Here's to ending 2012 right!

Look forward to everyones comments!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Before & After - Eclectic Beach House in Jones Beach, NY

Over the past few months, we had the pleasure designing the interiors of a historical house located 2 blocks from the boardwalk in Long Beach, NY. They came to us wanting to fully furnish the first floor giving it a "pottery barn" look, while maintaining the stained wood detailing throughout. Having a vision to incorporate the homeowners funky style and beach color scheme, we got to work bringing the vision to reality. Check out the before & after images.


The woodwork throughout the space was recently refurbished by the homeowners. The big challenge was creating a fresh beach look, while maintaining the dark stained wood detailing. By incorporating bright yellows, turquoise blue, and creams, we brought the attention to the pops of colors in order to lighten up the space.


We selected unique items to use in the space including a bone inlay chest imported from India, a carved Indonesian statue, and a custom color Octopus from Natural Curiosities.


The woodwork remained the focal point of the staircase, accented with a metal wire "Z" table from Tucker Robbins and abstract artwork.


The layout of the rooms were magnificent, not to mention the 13' ceilings.


The homeowners had a great eye for style and purchased 2 of the carved wood chairs for the sitting room. By adding an additional 2 chairs, and a pop of funky Romo fabric, we created a circular seating arrangement focused around the craftsman style fireplace.


Such a great symmetrical vibe centered around the fireplace. My favorite picture!!


To break up the darkness of the original wood paneling, we opted out of paint, and decided to use a grasscloth wallcovering. Since their dining room is used solely for holiday dinners and parties, we chose a more casual seating arrangement including fresh damask fabrics, and a 68" wide upholstered bench, nestled under a white washed Indonesian Table.


We designed a custom brass modern console, and matching Palladian Blue top. To finish off the look, rustic antiques, and upholstered ottomans are nestled under.


Finally, the creme de la creme. My clients recently purchased a large pottery barn sofa, to break up the large solid color, we went with a large patterned chevron rug from ABC Carpet, a silver bamboo side chair, and other beachy knick knacks found from antique stores.

Photography by: Craig Denis Photography

Monday, January 10, 2011

Two's Company - Manhattan Twin Nursery

Located in the heart of New York City, the room was previously used as a movie theater/man cave; with charcoal walls, a 100" projector screen, and black leather sofas. Transformed to a nursery for twin girls, the space is focused around modern clean lines with a youthful girly touch. Being that the setting of the room is very urban with skyscrapers seen in the windows, we wanted to give the girls a nature themed environment in contradiction with the urban oasis just outside.

With owls being all the rave, we had a muralist (A Mural By Patrice) paint an organic figured tree with a trio of flying birds, and a pair of owls to represent each child.

The room was divided in half for function using double sided silk draperies. On one side of the room, there are two lacquer and ebony cribs by designer David Netto, as well as a conveniently located changing station with decorative knobs from Anthropologie. Floating above the cribs are three brightly colored floating butterflies from the Land of Nod to give the room a 3D effect.

On the other side of the room, we created a custom built in lacquered shelving unit, with a horizontally laying murphy bed from Manhattan Cabinetry. When the bed is put away, exposed is a turquoise blue chalkboard for the girl's art studio. When the nanny is staying in the room, the bed pulls out from the wall, and a daybed with dimmer lighting gives access as a bed as well as a sofa for movie nights.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tiny Pieces of Art - Funky Mosaic Tile

I recently went to a design seminar sponsored by The American Society of Interior Design (A.S.I.D) that was featured in Bizarre USA's showroom in Soho. While the seminar was related to furniture design from Ancient Egypt to Post Modernism, the hit of the show was the incredible ambiance of the showroom. There are many immaculate hotels and spas around the world that stake their claim on the new cool way to apply glass mosaics. Check out some applications that are absolutely mind boggling used in both hospitality & residential settings.

 Adorable application for a bathroom. Finally, you can have the look of wallpaper with the cleanliness and durability of tile.

 Stunning mixed media of upholstery & mosaic tiles.

 Traditional large scale floral. Try and guess what the repeat is on this little wonder is!

 I don't know how you're suppose to sit on this chair, but it's gorgeous to look at. "Only a true man would feel masculine sitting in a flower chair". Try that line to get this beauty in your house ladies.  

 Eat your heart out.

 In honor of our last post on African design.

 Herringbone taken to the extreme.

 For the past few years, coral has been a huge design craze. I love how the coral design grows out of the water. What can't be seen however is that the coral mirrors into the pool through its reflection. Very clever!

 Another image to make you drool.

 A few of my clients have brought to my attention their desire of a tufted upholstered wall. Coming from a family with allergies, my immediate vision is sneezing/wheezing central. This concept of a tufted upholstered wall has the intricate style of upholstery without the hassle of cleaning.

 I love the whimsical style of the butterflies and tiled claw foot tub. Precious.

Bisazza makes stools that are fully covered in hand cut mosaic tile. I would love to use these in a outdoor setting to bring a pop of color to the space.

Photos by Sicis Tile & Bisazza USA