Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tiny Pieces of Art - Funky Mosaic Tile

I recently went to a design seminar sponsored by The American Society of Interior Design (A.S.I.D) that was featured in Bizarre USA's showroom in Soho. While the seminar was related to furniture design from Ancient Egypt to Post Modernism, the hit of the show was the incredible ambiance of the showroom. There are many immaculate hotels and spas around the world that stake their claim on the new cool way to apply glass mosaics. Check out some applications that are absolutely mind boggling used in both hospitality & residential settings.

 Adorable application for a bathroom. Finally, you can have the look of wallpaper with the cleanliness and durability of tile.

 Stunning mixed media of upholstery & mosaic tiles.

 Traditional large scale floral. Try and guess what the repeat is on this little wonder is!

 I don't know how you're suppose to sit on this chair, but it's gorgeous to look at. "Only a true man would feel masculine sitting in a flower chair". Try that line to get this beauty in your house ladies.  

 Eat your heart out.

 In honor of our last post on African design.

 Herringbone taken to the extreme.

 For the past few years, coral has been a huge design craze. I love how the coral design grows out of the water. What can't be seen however is that the coral mirrors into the pool through its reflection. Very clever!

 Another image to make you drool.

 A few of my clients have brought to my attention their desire of a tufted upholstered wall. Coming from a family with allergies, my immediate vision is sneezing/wheezing central. This concept of a tufted upholstered wall has the intricate style of upholstery without the hassle of cleaning.

 I love the whimsical style of the butterflies and tiled claw foot tub. Precious.

Bisazza makes stools that are fully covered in hand cut mosaic tile. I would love to use these in a outdoor setting to bring a pop of color to the space.

Photos by Sicis Tile & Bisazza USA

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

African Luxury Tents... Not a Contradiction!!

To all of our dedicated readers, I apologize for the long delay since the last post. As many of you know, I was busy preparing for our Southern Georgia wedding minus the shotgun!

Before our beautiful affair when people asked us, "Where are you going on our honeymoon?" We quickly responded with excitement, "Tanzania"! We always got the same response, a long pause and awkward look. But my husband and I have a hungry appetite for traveling to more "off the beaten paths". After all, within two years, we met in Israel, scuba dived in Australia, helicoptered to the top of a mountain in New Zealand, and then then got engaged on a cliff side in Italy. So we knew we had to really set our marriage off to an amazing start!

When we first told our families our plan to go on an African Safari and stay in tents, I could only imagine what they were picturing! Heck, even I couldn't fully imagine what these places were going to be like... running water, bugs, animals?? Needless to say, every place we stayed was a completely new experience and accommodated no more than 15 tents.

So after months of requests to see images from our AMAZING honeymoon in Tanzania, without further ado, our incredible accommodations!

All of the amazing boutique tented camps were designed with products that were indigenous to the area. The chandelier was created out of thorn bush and wrapped to form a highly textured drum shade.

One of the incredible views while eating meals. There are no restricting barriers to keep the wildlife out, so you get a real-life discovery channel during brunch.

I wouldn't stop talking for 2 days about the wrapped reeds to mimic a chain link room divider. So creative!

Tree House living! And yes, mosquito nets were both romantic, and NECESSARY!

Pristine natural bathroom with a outdoor shower. We were greeted by an elephant eating leaves from the tree next to us, followed by a monkey that stole the remaining dripping water from the rain shower head.

No really, this happened!

 One of my favorite design aspects were the concept of dried banana leaves woven into the ceilings. I'm waiting for a company like Phillip Jeffries to steal this design!

 Hippo Break!

 The architecture of the spaces were almost dream like. Because the camp was located on the edge of a imploded volcano, the temperatures were shockingly cold, so over sized fireplaces littered the rooms with a tranquil ambiance.

 Stunning mixture of antique furniture and modern sculptures handcrafted in Africa.

 One of the first views when walking into the dining area. I love how the layout of furniture was off balance, yet it created a great pop of interest, you can't look away!

 Luxurious eclectically designed parlor. The architecture of the ceiling was constructed in a cone shape, topped by a glass oculus.

 The Serengeti wasn't one of my favorite places, as it was significantly hotter than all other locations, however I must show everyone the picture of this beautiful vanity. The sinks were carved rock built right into the wood.

 Lovely poured terrazzo stone tub with waterfall inspired faucet.

 Our final days were spent on the remote island of Pemba off the coast of Zanzibar. We chose this location because of the seclusion to other people, and the resemblance to the movie "Blue Lagoon".

 All images were happily taken by my husband and I. The pictures don't give the actual locations justice! Next exotic trip... Bali, so stay tuned for more incredible accommodation images from around the world!

Monday, April 19, 2010

BKLYN Design Show

People always wonder what the differences in the boroughs of NYC are. Well, while I'm not too familiar with Staten Island, The Bronx, or Queens (just yet)... I do know Brooklyn & Manhattan!

Manhattan has a certain energy to it filled with bright lights, tourists, and chic new restaurants to explore every day; Brooklyn caters to uniquely creative people not wanting to walk in others footsteps. The other day, while walking around Brooklyn, I discovered a design event showcasing all of my fellow artsy brooklynites May 7-9.

Stay tuned for a later post showing pictures directly from the design event as well as my top likes and dislikes from the show!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Reclaimed - IN with the old, OUT with the new

The new craze is all about sustainable products and green design. I have to admit, I wasn't crazy about the initial items that first made their way to the public; there are only so many products you can make out of bamboo. But I have to say, I've been converted to a believer that the green movement isn't just a phase... it's here for the long run.

Committing to green design doesn't have to be a change in lifestyle. Don't think that being environmentally conscious means you have to start drinking vegan soy smoothies and wearing organic socks. You don't even have to LIKE the environment! Now days, there are so many gorgeous reclaimed items to decorate your house with you won't be sacrificing design style. Check out some great new items that are both environmentally friendly as well as fabulous.

Who says your chairs have to match. Try spicing up a dining room table by replacing the perfectly matching chairs with a set of reclaimed teak ones by West End.

To be sustainable, decor doesn't need to be new products from sustainable materials. Try going to antique stores and refurbishing a vintage lamp for a unique look.

Large prints are a new craze for wall covering. To add more texture, Philip Jeffries has a unique line of textured wall covering. Some materials they use include are mica chip, grass cloth, paper cloth, raffia, silk, and metallic papers.

Another company creates wall covering made of truly recycled items. NEWSPAPERS! Weitzner did a great job coming up with a truly unique wall covering that adds texture and a great focal point.

If I haven't sold you on reclaimed items, maybe this will last item will.... A giant teak fork and knife to accompany your kitchen decor!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Architectural Digest Home Show 2010 - Great Finds

Design events and shows are always a welcome break to meet new people and check out the latest creations. While I could do without the $5 bottles of water and throngs of people, the culinary demonstrations, free wine, and handouts are more than enough of a reason to attend! The Architectural Digest Home Show held this past weekend is one of the best of the year – and as always, proved to be a day of great new finds.

Here are a few of my FAVORITE new items:

Not only were no animals hurt in the making of this lighting fixture, but the clean contemporary white lacquer and rustic origin give this chandelier a unique eclectic look. By Roll and Hill.

A remake of an original created by Tucker Robbins, these are fabulous, solid wood accent chairs that would be great as an accent to a brightly patterned throw.

One of the newest trends I've been seeing around are enclosed chandeliers. This chandelier by John Pomp studios, however, is the first glass enclosed chandelier I've seen of this magnitude in a residential setting. How fabulous would this be in a loft?!

Above are artistic steel accent tables by John Beck Paper & Steel. They can be made with any number of your choosing. Such a clever idea to be used in a cluster.

This is a beautiful infinity edge console with rough edges by Tucker Robbins which is stunning.

Walking around DUMBO in Brooklyn, I saw a fabulous industrial lighting fixture and my heart skipped a beat. 22 CC Industrial furnishings specialize in industrial items such as this cage floor lamp which ranks as one of my top finds this show!

Another great lighting fixture by Roll & Hill with a unique rendition of the antler chandelier!

I happened to come upon the John Pomp Studio at the show – hard to miss actually, since the booth was able to hold this massive table. The uncut edges give what would be an otherwise streamlined table an organic look. The table top is available in a few different materials. Can you say ‘Hamptons eat in kitchen?’

Here is another mixed chandelier with industrial old fashion lighting by Zia Priven. The metal can be made with any finish (brass, copper, oil rubbed, satin nickel, etc.). While I love the fake candle chandelier from Restoration Hardware, this is far more authentic!

And finally... I couldn't resist. They have dominos too!

See something that peaks your interest? Shoot me a note for some great related items at

Friday, March 19, 2010

Architectural Digest Home Show - NYC 2010

On this gorgeous 70 degree spring day, I will not be exploring new shops around New York City as much as I would like. However with Spring comes new designs and styles, therefore I am excited to be posting throughout this weekend showing you all new, up in coming designs showcased at the Architectural Digest Home Show!! Stay tuned for pictures from the show and top things I LOVE and of course.... HATE!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

EMC2 Project Spotlight: Monet Water Lily Theme Nursery

Despite the record amounts of snow, it’s already March and spring is coming fast. And with spring comes baby season. Therefore, I thought I’d showcase one of my most recent nursery designs.

The mom-to-be of a little girl loved colorful impressionist art and specifically the Monet Water Lily paintings. I used this as the basis to style the room.

We assembled a Monet painting into a variety of vintage style frames, to create an accent wall over the glider. I am a firm believer in nursery furniture that can be used post-baby. This glider would fit well as accent chair in an office or living room.

We also chose furniture that will be able to grow with the child. The changing table can become a double dresser, and the crib can be transitioned into a toddler bed, followed by a double bed with the addition of rails. Art work was selected with transition in mind. The style can adjust to be less youthful overtime. This makes a nursery far more economical given the potentially large initial investment.

Nestled under a tree, the crib is centered in the room. EMC2 Interiors custom designed and hand painted this whimsical tree, creating a calming focal point for the room.