Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nest Request - Fear of Color

Today we reach into the mailbag to answer one of my most common questions: “What color should I paint my wall? Should I just stick with the safe white or off-white? I am looking for a contemporary design style that I won’t get bored of.”

Not surprisingly, the answer to this varies by person. There are actually quite a few people who prefer a bright, colorful room through furniture and accessories and/or bright colors on every wall. Most people, though, fear bright walls and go too far in the opposite direction, leaving all of their walls empty and white. If you are one of the latter, here are a few ideas that will cheer up your room while keeping it contemporary and fresh.

The first example, seen below, showcases all white walls, but adds natural accents like a drift wood chandelier, stone accent table, and granite fireplace to mesh the bright and airy outdoors with the organic, architectural room.

The next example is a decidedly more eclectic look. This style is for someone searching for a little excitement without overdoing it. While the main walls remain neutral, color on accent walls adds a pop to the room. To mitigate this effect, the opposing white walls and neutral accessories tone down the colors and instead introduce focal points (see 10% Theory of Design post regarding focal points) on the architecture.

The final example is a transitional look with all beige walls and bright white molding. By incorporating over-sized furniture and a plethora of textured items, these simple beige walls can transition to any style you want. This also makes changing styles a simple affair.

*Images by Benjamin Moore
*Discount is applied to the standard hourly rate related to the design of one (1) room only, may not be combined with any other offers, and is subject to applicable federal, state and local taxes.

The key theme here is to use pops of color deliberately and strategically, adding warmth to engender a finished look to your room.

Please feel free to email me directly with questions specific to your situation and – who knows – you might be featured in an upcoming column and receive a 10% discount* on your next room!

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