Friday, April 16, 2010

Reclaimed - IN with the old, OUT with the new

The new craze is all about sustainable products and green design. I have to admit, I wasn't crazy about the initial items that first made their way to the public; there are only so many products you can make out of bamboo. But I have to say, I've been converted to a believer that the green movement isn't just a phase... it's here for the long run.

Committing to green design doesn't have to be a change in lifestyle. Don't think that being environmentally conscious means you have to start drinking vegan soy smoothies and wearing organic socks. You don't even have to LIKE the environment! Now days, there are so many gorgeous reclaimed items to decorate your house with you won't be sacrificing design style. Check out some great new items that are both environmentally friendly as well as fabulous.

Who says your chairs have to match. Try spicing up a dining room table by replacing the perfectly matching chairs with a set of reclaimed teak ones by West End.

To be sustainable, decor doesn't need to be new products from sustainable materials. Try going to antique stores and refurbishing a vintage lamp for a unique look.

Large prints are a new craze for wall covering. To add more texture, Philip Jeffries has a unique line of textured wall covering. Some materials they use include are mica chip, grass cloth, paper cloth, raffia, silk, and metallic papers.

Another company creates wall covering made of truly recycled items. NEWSPAPERS! Weitzner did a great job coming up with a truly unique wall covering that adds texture and a great focal point.

If I haven't sold you on reclaimed items, maybe this will last item will.... A giant teak fork and knife to accompany your kitchen decor!

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  1. Hello there, I am a bit curious if the giant fork and knife are for sale.. Plz mail me back with dimentions, if they are for sale.