Tuesday, August 10, 2010

African Luxury Tents... Not a Contradiction!!

To all of our dedicated readers, I apologize for the long delay since the last post. As many of you know, I was busy preparing for our Southern Georgia wedding minus the shotgun!

Before our beautiful affair when people asked us, "Where are you going on our honeymoon?" We quickly responded with excitement, "Tanzania"! We always got the same response, a long pause and awkward look. But my husband and I have a hungry appetite for traveling to more "off the beaten paths". After all, within two years, we met in Israel, scuba dived in Australia, helicoptered to the top of a mountain in New Zealand, and then then got engaged on a cliff side in Italy. So we knew we had to really set our marriage off to an amazing start!

When we first told our families our plan to go on an African Safari and stay in tents, I could only imagine what they were picturing! Heck, even I couldn't fully imagine what these places were going to be like... running water, bugs, animals?? Needless to say, every place we stayed was a completely new experience and accommodated no more than 15 tents.

So after months of requests to see images from our AMAZING honeymoon in Tanzania, without further ado, our incredible accommodations!

All of the amazing boutique tented camps were designed with products that were indigenous to the area. The chandelier was created out of thorn bush and wrapped to form a highly textured drum shade.

One of the incredible views while eating meals. There are no restricting barriers to keep the wildlife out, so you get a real-life discovery channel during brunch.

I wouldn't stop talking for 2 days about the wrapped reeds to mimic a chain link room divider. So creative!

Tree House living! And yes, mosquito nets were both romantic, and NECESSARY!

Pristine natural bathroom with a outdoor shower. We were greeted by an elephant eating leaves from the tree next to us, followed by a monkey that stole the remaining dripping water from the rain shower head.

No really, this happened!

 One of my favorite design aspects were the concept of dried banana leaves woven into the ceilings. I'm waiting for a company like Phillip Jeffries to steal this design!

 Hippo Break!

 The architecture of the spaces were almost dream like. Because the camp was located on the edge of a imploded volcano, the temperatures were shockingly cold, so over sized fireplaces littered the rooms with a tranquil ambiance.

 Stunning mixture of antique furniture and modern sculptures handcrafted in Africa.

 One of the first views when walking into the dining area. I love how the layout of furniture was off balance, yet it created a great pop of interest, you can't look away!

 Luxurious eclectically designed parlor. The architecture of the ceiling was constructed in a cone shape, topped by a glass oculus.

 The Serengeti wasn't one of my favorite places, as it was significantly hotter than all other locations, however I must show everyone the picture of this beautiful vanity. The sinks were carved rock built right into the wood.

 Lovely poured terrazzo stone tub with waterfall inspired faucet.

 Our final days were spent on the remote island of Pemba off the coast of Zanzibar. We chose this location because of the seclusion to other people, and the resemblance to the movie "Blue Lagoon".

 All images were happily taken by my husband and I. The pictures don't give the actual locations justice! Next exotic trip... Bali, so stay tuned for more incredible accommodation images from around the world!


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